"Introduction to LIS, Cross-National Data Center in Luxembourg: data, access, and research" by Prof Janet Gornick

Past Event

22 May 2014, 11:00am - 12:30pm


This seminar is hosted by The Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School

Speaker: Professor Janet C. Gornick, Professor of Political Science and Sociology, The Graduate Center, City University of New York and Director of LIS, Cross-National Data Center in Luxembourg

Abstract: Professor Gornick will summarize LIS’ origins, mission, and organization; the content of the databases; and pathways to accessing the data. She will also present an overview of the types of research that can be carried out using the LIS data.

Venue: OMI Lecture Theatre (top floor), INET Oxford, Eagle House, Walton Well Road, OX2 6ED

About the Speaker:

Professor Janet Gornick earned her Ph.D. in Political Economy and Government from Harvard University in 1994. She is Professor of Political Science and Sociology at the Graduate Center of the City University
of New York (CUNY). Since 2006, she has also served as Director of LIS (formerly, the Luxembourg
Income Study), a cross-national data archive and research center located in Luxembourg. Most of
her research is comparative, across the industrialized countries, and concerns social welfare policies
and their impact on family well-being, gender equality, and income inequality.