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13 Jun 2019
"The future of the Corporation, Economy and Society" with Prof Colin Mayer & Sir Paul Collier
06 Jun 2019
"Changing technology, changing economics" with Prof Diane Coyle
30 May 2019
"Is the human species slowing down?" with Prof Danny Dorling
29 May 2019
5th Annual Oxford Business & Poverty Conference Keynote Lecture: 'Pushing past poverty: paths to prosperity' with Dr Lant Pritchett
23 May 2019
"Navigating knowledge: new tools for the journey" with Dr Penny Mealy
20 May 2019
"City region food systems: potential for impacting planetary boundaries and food security" with Dr Mike Hamm
16 May 2019
'An economic approach to the "meat paradox"' with Nicolas Treich
09 May 2019
"How complexity can resolve the crisis in economics" with Prof Doyne Farmer
09 May 2019
'The behavioural foundations of new economic thinking' with Prof Sanjit Dhami
24 Apr 2019
"Africa in transformation: economic development in the age of doubt" with Prof Carlos Lopes
05 Apr 2019
"Dull disasters? How planning ahead will make a difference" with Prof Stefan Dercon
04 Apr 2019
"Clarity from chaos: making sense of our confusing times" with Ian Goldin
04 Apr 2019
'The state-of-knowledge on the mechanisms driving mortality in moist tropical forests' with Nate McDowell
04 Apr 2019
"It keeps me seeking: the invitation from science, philosophy and religion" with Prof Andrew Briggs
03 Apr 2019
"Ethics, conflict and medical treatment for children" with Dominic Wilkinson and Julian Savulescu
02 Apr 2019
"National wealth: what is missing, why it matters" with Cameron Hepburn and Kirk Hamilton Chaired by Ian Goldin
31 Mar 2019
"Demography: a very short introduction" with Sarah Harper
31 Mar 2019
"Is democracy and freedom threatened by technology" with Ian Goldin, Martin Moore and Jamie Susskind
31 Mar 2019
Earthwatch Debate: "Food for thought: can veganism save the planet" with Charles Godfray and David Stanley
30 Mar 2019
"On the future: prospects for humanity" with Lord Martin Rees
30 Mar 2019
Oxford Martin School at the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival 2019
25 Mar 2019
'Infrastructure tsunami, China’s belt & road, and the world’s rarest ape' with William Laurance
18 Mar 2019
Blackwells Event: 'Enlightenment now' with Steven Pinker and Prof Ian Goldin
18 Mar 2019
'Orchid Hunters (Cazadores de Orquídeas)' - Documentary Screening +Q&A
18 Mar 2019
'Critical appraisal of assumptions in model-based scientific assessment' with Jeroen van der Sluijs
07 Mar 2019
'LitHits: An Oxford Humanities digital reading innovation to combat age-related isolation' with Prof Kirsten Shepherd-Barr
05 Mar 2019
"The ethics of vaccination: individual, collective, and institutional responsibilities" With Dr Alberto Giubilini
05 Mar 2019
"Global maps of the spread of infectious diseases and their vectors" with Dr Moritz Kraemer
04 Mar 2019
"Chilling prospects: how to provide cooling for all without blowing the world’s carbon budget" with Dan Hamza-Goodacre
04 Mar 2019
'The science of modelling through' with Dan Sarewitz
01 Mar 2019
'Opportunities and challenges on the application of REDD+ and similar funds to tropical forest conservation' with Dr Tom Martin
28 Feb 2019
"Saving labour: automation and its enemies" with Dr Carl Benedikt Frey
28 Feb 2019
Panel discussion: '‘Electoral law, election petitions and the future of democracy in Nigeria' with Chief Wole Olanipekun
28 Feb 2019
'The changing characteristics and circumstances of the elderly in Russia: capabilities of birth cohorts, inequalities in health, and morbidity icebergs' with Prof Christopher Davis
28 Feb 2019
Workshop: 'Nigeria in transition'
27 Feb 2019
"The Globotics Upheaval: Globalization, Robotics, and the Future of Work" with Prof Richard Baldwin
26 Feb 2019
'The LIBOR market and its models: the emergence of the interest rate derivatives 'Quant' profession and its modelling practices' with Taylor Spears
20 Feb 2019
'Cell-autonomous and circuit-level mechanisms of circadian timekeeping in mammals: genes, neurons, and astrocytes' with Michael Hastings
19 Feb 2019
'Science for future Earth' with Myanna Lahsen
18 Feb 2019
'Agriculture and sustainability in Brazil: the challenges of meat and media' with Myanna Lahsen
15 Feb 2019
'The tropical peat swamps of Southeast Asia - carbon, conflict and compromise' with Prof Susan Page
14 Feb 2019
"The economics of 1.5°C climate change" with Prof Simon Dietz
14 Feb 2019
'Inequality and frailty in elderly people: a comparison between Eastern and Western Europe' with Dr Sara Zella
12 Feb 2019
'Model evaluation - an adequacy-for-purpose view' with Wendy Parker
11 Feb 2019
"Why do we spend so little on preventing ill-health and so much on treating it?" with Prof Chris Dye
08 Feb 2019
CANCELLED : 'Inter- and intra-specific variation in tropical canopy phenology: Insights from field data and images from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)' with Dr Stephanie Bohlman
08 Feb 2019
'Understanding population ageing in Bangladesh and Nigeria: SITAKUND Model vs HEPIQ-C Model' with Dr Hafiz T.A. Khan
05 Feb 2019
"Cumulative emissions of carbon - a path to halting climate change?" with Dr Joeri Rogelj
05 Feb 2019
'Why is time always (never) running out on climate policy? The role of modelling in masking policy inaction' with Oliver Geden
01 Feb 2019
'Achieving equity in the context of protected areas' with Dr Kate Schreckenberg
31 Jan 2019
"The value of everything: rediscovering purpose in the economy" with Prof Mariana Mazzucato
31 Jan 2019
'Targeting cell senescence to treat organismal ageing and frailty' with Prof Lynne Cox
30 Jan 2019
“Leapfrogging urban development: navigating resource competition and low carbon transitions for inclusive and sustainable African cities” with Dr Shuaib Lwasa
29 Jan 2019
"How lives change: Palanpur, India, and development economics" with Lord Nicholas Stern
29 Jan 2019
'Model cases: canonical research objects in the social sciences' with Monika Krause
25 Jan 2019
'Vulnerability and resilience of Tropical Andean biodiversity to climate change' with Carolina Tovar
24 Jan 2019
"Wealth inequality in political perspective" with Prof Ben Ansell
24 Jan 2019
'Understanding, beliefs and treatment of dementia in Pakistan: a case study of the disease in low- or middle-income countries' with Prof Asghar Zaidi
24 Jan 2019
"Tackling the illegal wildlife trade from China's epicentre" with Prof Tien Ming Lee
22 Jan 2019
'Quantum computing and simulation: a responsible perspective' with Philip Inglesant
22 Jan 2019
'Mind the gap: super-resolution imaging of the extracellular space of the brain' with Valentin Nägerl
17 Jan 2019
Evolving economic thought
17 Jan 2019
"Losing it: the economics and politics of migration" with Prof Ian Goldin
17 Jan 2019
OIPA Seminar Series: 'Ageing populations: from cell to society'
17 Jan 2019
'Health scenarios for an ageing population' with Kenneth Howse
15 Jan 2019
INSIS Seminar Series: 'Model truths: modelling, evidence and truth in science and policy'
15 Jan 2019
'Lessons from the IPCC Special Report on 1.5 degrees: the science communication and policy challenges of hyper-ambitious mitigation' with Prof Myles Allen
13 Dec 2018
Achieving Net Zero: Metrics and Policies Aligning Energy, Industry and Agriculture with 1.5 Degrees
12 Dec 2018
INSIS Workshop: 'Negotiating environmental knowledges'
11 Dec 2018
'Sleep: a window on consciousness' with Giulio Tononi
29 Nov 2018
"Transforming food systems under a changing climate" with Dr Ana María Loboguerrero
29 Nov 2018
CANCELLED "Sustainable care for old age: the long-term care system in Japan. What can England learn?" with Nina Hemmings
28 Nov 2018
“People and the frontiers of science: social science for the 21st Century" with Prof Jennifer Rubin
23 Nov 2018
'Achieving a sustainable, equitable and just future for all on a stable and resilient planet: Harnessing the potential of disruptive technologies and lifestyles' with Prof Nakicenovic
23 Nov 2018
"Tropical rainforests: example of conservation success" with Tony Juniper, CBE
22 Nov 2018
"Banking on nature’s assets: unlocking investment in nature for better planetary health" with Dr Giulio Boccaletti
22 Nov 2018
"The problem of understanding multi-morbidity in the elderly" with Alan Silman
21 Nov 2018
"Digital Revolution and the State" with William H. Janeway
19 Nov 2018
"Why science matters for policy" with Dr Patrick Vallance
16 Nov 2018
"Communicating robust science" with Clive Cookson