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27 Feb 2019
"The Globotics Upheaval: Globalization, Robotics, and the Future of Work" with Prof Richard Baldwin
29 Nov 2018
"Sustainable care for old age: the long-term care system in Japan. What can England learn?" with Nina Hemmings
28 Nov 2018
“Effectively supporting and facilitating high quality science" with Prof Jennifer Rubin
23 Nov 2018
'Achieving a sustainable, equitable and just future for all on a stable and resilient planet: Harnessing the potential of disruptive technologies and lifestyles' with Prof Nakicenovic
23 Nov 2018
"Tropical rainforests: example of conservation success" with Tony Juniper, CBE
22 Nov 2018
"Banking on nature’s assets: unlocking investment in nature for better planetary health" with Dr Giulio Boccaletti
22 Nov 2018
"The problem of understanding multi-morbidity in the elderly" with Alan Silman
21 Nov 2018
"Digital Revolution and the State" with William H. Janeway
19 Nov 2018
"Ensuring science and technology are at the heart of policy making" with Dr Patrick Vallance
16 Nov 2018
"Communicating robust science" with Clive Cookson
15 Nov 2018
"The natural capital approach: ecological and economic perspectives" with Dame Georgina Mace & Prof Ian Bateman
12 Nov 2018
Oxford Stem Cell Institute Annual Symposium 2018: "Stem cells: from mechanism to therapy"
09 Nov 2018
Sir Richard Gardner Celebratory Lecture: "Regulation of self-renewal in cancer stem cells" with Professor Pier Giuseppe Pelicci
08 Nov 2018
"Untangling the Gordian Knot: in pursuit of person-centred, integrated care for ageing populations" with Dr Caroline Potter
07 Nov 2018
"The effects of meat and dairy on population health, the economy, society and the environment" - A multi-disciplinary research conference
06 Nov 2018
"What’s the point of engaging the public in science and health research?" with Imran Khan
01 Nov 2018
"Population ageing and implications for future end of life care provision" with Anna Bone
30 Oct 2018
"Conflicting truths. How does government listen to scientists?" with Dr Claire Craig
29 Oct 2018
"What now? Next steps on climate change" with Christiana Figueres
26 Oct 2018
"Modeling complex market dynamics: an alternative to Dynamic General Equilibrium” with Prof Herbert Gintis
25 Oct 2018
"Tropical forests in the Earth system" with Prof Yadvinder Malhi
25 Oct 2018
"Trends in emergency hospital admissions: age, cohort and period effects" with Raphael Wittenberg
24 Oct 2018
"How useful and reliable is a simplified perspective on Technological Change?" with Prof Christopher Magee
18 Oct 2018
"Planetary warming: is a 1.5 degree target achievable?" with Prof Myles Allen
18 Oct 2018
"Good care at home for older adults in Singapore: ethical, practical and policy dimensions" with Dr Mike Dunn
16 Oct 2018
“The Arctic in a two-degree warmer world” with Prof Eric Post
15 Oct 2018
Seminar: Illegal Wildlife Trade in Africa
11 Oct 2018
Planetary health: new technologies, ideas and values
11 Oct 2018
"Innovation for planetary health: the economics of the fourth industrial revolution" with Prof Michael Grubb & Respondent - Prof Malcolm McCulloch
11 Oct 2018
OIPA Michaelmas 2018 Seminar Series: Providing health and social care for an ageing population: challenges and responses
11 Oct 2018
'Health economics of integrated care: another response to an ageing population' with Apostolos Tsiachristas
09 Oct 2018
"How science got women wrong" with Angela Saini
09 Oct 2018
"Evidence to action: research to address illegal wildlife trade" - Symposium
04 Oct 2018
Book Launch: 'Ethics, Conflict and Medical Treatment for Children' with Professor Julian Savulescu and Professor Dominic Wilkinson
02 Oct 2018
"Global legal epidemiology: developing a science around whether, when and how international law can address global challenges" with Steven Hoffmann
08 Sep 2018
Oxford Open Doors 2018 at the Oxford Martin School Tour (3pm) - FULL
08 Sep 2018
Oxford Open Doors 2018 at the Oxford Martin School Tour (2pm) - FULL
08 Sep 2018
Oxford Open Doors 2018 at the Oxford Martin School Tour (12pm) - FULL
08 Sep 2018
Oxford Open Doors 2018 at the Oxford Martin School
08 Sep 2018
Oxford Open Doors 2018 at the Oxford Martin School Tour (11am) - FULL
23 Aug 2018
"Lessons from the past: archaeology, anthropology and the future of food" - Conference
06 Jul 2018
"The Sargasso Sea Commission: an innovative approach to the conservation of areas beyond national jurisdiction" with Dr David Freestone
14 Jun 2018
"Creating opportunities to think deeply about science" - Panel Discussion
14 Jun 2018
'Child poverty and later livelihoods' with Dr Paul Dornan
13 Jun 2018
"The Ethiopian developmental state: a view from the inside" with Ato Newai Gebre-ab
13 Jun 2018
INSIS Workshop: 'Lessons and legacies of the Zika emergency'
12 Jun 2018
"Taming the sun: innovations to harness solar energy and power the planet" with Dr Varun Sivaram
12 Jun 2018
INSIS Workshop: 'Community participation in the control of disease vectors: Old questions, new approaches'
07 Jun 2018
“Governments across Europe need to be more candid with their citizens" with Dr Robin Niblett
07 Jun 2018
'Ageing and age disaggregated statistics: what, why and when?' with Richard Pereira
31 May 2018
"Stats and studies are not enough: how to gain people's trust in scientific authority" with Nicky Hawkins
31 May 2018
'SDGs and multidimensional poverty measurement: methodology and data challenges' with Dr Sabina Alkire
24 May 2018
"Putting science at the heart of society and culture" - Panel Discussion
24 May 2018
'Wrong inputs and wrong assumptions? Why governments must take ageing and older people into consideration to achieve the SDGs' with Ken Bluestone
23 May 2018
"The digital revolution and the distribution of income" with Prof Jeffrey D. Sachs
23 May 2018
'Coercive trade agreements for supplying global public goods' with Astrid Dannenberg
21 May 2018
"Challenges on the freshwater availability and climate extremes for the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna rivers" with Prof A.K.M. Saiful Islam
17 May 2018
“Science on the front line: getting good quality evidence into the news" with Fiona Fox
17 May 2018
'Why is it important to end violence against children? SDG outcomes across the life- course' with Dr Franziska Meinck
17 May 2018
'Reconceiving climate action as the fractal politics of decarbonisation' with Professor Matthew Hoffmann
10 May 2018
Science and Populism: from evidence to narrative
10 May 2018
"Government needs to get better at policy-making; more open and connected with people" with Dr Andrea Siodmok
10 May 2018
'SDGs, gender and rights' with Prof Sandra Fredman
03 May 2018
'SDG 3: Healthy ageing and the need for long-term care systems' with Prof Anne-Margriet Pot
02 May 2018
"Planetary health: does our planet have boundaries?" with Prof Yadvinder Malhi and Kate Raworth
01 May 2018
“Organic chemistry’s role in the future of screens and energy conversion” with Prof Seth Marder
30 Apr 2018
"Climate change: past, present and future" with Prof Sir David Hendry
27 Apr 2018
"Deep water, shallow understanding: managing the risk from sea level rise" with Prof Michael Oppenheimer
26 Apr 2018
OIPA Trinity Term Series: Leave no one behind - sustainable development goals, ageing and global development
26 Apr 2018
'Older people and the SDGs: strategies for visibility and inclusion' with Sylvia Beales
12 Apr 2018
'Temporal coding-induced synaptic plasticity determines clock-driven sleep quality' with Mark Wu
09 Apr 2018
"Data for one planet Living" - Panel discussion
06 Apr 2018
'Self-tuning neurons, firing rate homeostasis, and sleep/wake states' with Gina Turrigiano
26 Mar 2018
"Specific impairments of consolidation, reconsolidation and long-term memory maintenance lead to memory erasure. Targeting memories as a new therapeutic approach to psychopathologies" with Prof Karim Nader
23 Mar 2018
"Antarctica, the battle for the seventh continent" with Dr Doaa Abdel-Motaal
22 Mar 2018
"The Immune System: A Very Short Introduction" with Prof Paul Klenerman
22 Mar 2018
"Applied mathematics: a very short introduction" with Prof Alain Goriely
20 Mar 2018
"Development: A Very Short Introduction" with Prof Ian Goldin
20 Mar 2018
"Globalisation: a beast without a nation?" with Prof Ian Goldin and Stephen King, Chaired by Will Hutton
19 Mar 2018
"Children of austerity: impact of the great recession" with Prof Brian Nolan