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07 Feb 2018
"Innovating food systems to respond to rapid global changes" with Dr Shenggen Fan
02 Feb 2018
"The power of recombination to create innovation" with Prof Andreas Wagner
31 Jan 2018
"Antarctica, the battle for the seventh continent" with Dr Doaa Abdel-Motaal
30 Jan 2018
"Intelligence-led forensic science: combatting the illegal ivory trade amidst a burgeoning world market" with Dr Samuel Wasser
17 Jan 2018
"Robot-Proof: higher education in the age of artificial intelligence" with Prof Joseph Aoun
07 Dec 2017
"Climate science following the Paris Agreement: what next?" with Prof Stephen Belcher
06 Dec 2017
"Neural mechanisms for dynamic acoustic communication in flies" with Mala Murthy
01 Dec 2017
"Innovations in financing conservation" with Adam Gibbon
30 Nov 2017
"Production, reproduction and empowerment: the future of women in Africa" with Prof Jo Boyden & Prof Sandy Fredman
30 Nov 2017
"The next global volcanic catastrophe" with Prof David Pyle
23 Nov 2017
"Responding to emerging epidemics: how can pathogen genomics help?" with Prof Oliver Pybus
23 Nov 2017
"Supply chain ‘no deforestation’ commitments: plugging the implementation gap" with Mike Senior
23 Nov 2017
"The ageing of the Myanmar farming population: awareness and expectations" with Prof Sarah Harper
22 Nov 2017
"The cost of energy review" with Prof Dieter Helm
20 Nov 2017
"Hippocampal dynamics and memory processing" with Thanos Siapas
17 Nov 2017
"Governing Amazonia: power, politics, and contested landscapes" with Dr Mary Menton
16 Nov 2017
"Energy transition - when?" with Prof Steve Cowley
16 Nov 2017
"Climate change, agriculture and human health" with Dr Marco Springmann
12 Nov 2017
"Emission budgets and pathways to 1.5 degrees in the context of the global stocktake" with Prof Myles Allen
10 Nov 2017
"Are past human activities related to observed biodiversity and carbon dynamics in Amazonian forests?" with Crystal McMichael
10 Nov 2017
"Ensemble coding in amygdala circuits" with Andreas Lüthi
09 Nov 2017
"Tipping points to the post-carbon society" with Prof Doyne Farmer & Prof Cameron Hepburn
09 Nov 2017
"Novel prospects in malaria control" with Prof Sir Charles Godfray
07 Nov 2017
"Children of austerity: impact of the great recession on child poverty in rich countries" with Prof Brian Nolan
03 Nov 2017
"C4 photosynthesis: from leaf evolution to global ecology" with Prof Colin Osborne
03 Nov 2017
"Cancer cell of origin and tumour heterogeneity" with Prof Cedric Blanpain
02 Nov 2017
"Towards a low-carbon future" with Lord Nicholas Stern
02 Nov 2017
"Societal change or the scale of immigration? How the British press has influenced public concern about migration, 1997-2015" with Will Allen
02 Nov 2017
Strategic materials for a low-carbon future: from scarcity to availability - conference
30 Oct 2017
"Neural codes for the sense of taste" with Dr Mark Stopfer
27 Oct 2017
"Using grasses to puzzle out ancient Madagascar, and debunking 6 misleading stories" with Dr Maria Vorontsova
26 Oct 2017
Great Transitions: navigating 21st century challenges
26 Oct 2017
"On hippos, tigers, pancakes and soufflés: trends and challenges for African governance" with Prof Stefan Dercon
26 Oct 2017
OIPA Michaelmas Term 2017 Seminar Series: "The geopolitical implications of global population change"
26 Oct 2017
"Global population ageing: towards a rights based approach" with Dr Marijke De Pauw
20 Oct 2017
"Operationalizing REDD+: examples of REDD+ design and implementation in Cameroon" with Sophia Carodenuto
20 Oct 2017
"Neural circuits underlying the whole-body coordination of behaviour in Platynereis Larvae" with Prof Gáspár Jékely
10 Oct 2017
'Can rapid technological progress decouple the economy from the environment?' with Prof Christopher Magee
09 Oct 2017
"The neurobiology of Drosophila mating behaviours" with Dr Barry Dickson
26 Sep 2017
Emerging Researchers Conference “Demography, Ageing and Health”
25 Sep 2017
Evolving perspectives on the demand for illegal wildlife products
15 Sep 2017
"Genetic dissection of animal locomotion" with Prof Richard Mann
28 Jun 2017
'Glia relay differentiation cues to coordinate neuronal development in Drosophila' with Vilaiwan Fernandes
28 Jun 2017
'The antibiotic era: reform, resistance, and the pursuit of a rational therapeutics' with Professor Scott Podolsky
23 Jun 2017
'From woods to goods: how consumer choices affect our forests' with Andrew Mitchell & Dr Connie McDermott
19 Jun 2017
'Climate Policy: the world needs to prepare for a risky future' with Janos Pasztor
15 Jun 2017
'Fire interactions with climate, deforestation and forest fragmentation in NW Amazonia' with Dr Dolors Armenteras
15 Jun 2017
‘Family, friends and well-being among older parents’ with Professor John Ermisch
14 Jun 2017
'Trade unions, agency (migrant) workers and the insiders/outsiders debate: Germany and Belgium compared' with Valeria Pulignano
13 Jun 2017
'The dynamics of vulnerability: What droughts and flooding can teach us about adapting to climate change' with Lisa Dilling
12 Jun 2017
'Overlapping mechanisms of sleep and sedation' with Nicholas Franks
08 Jun 2017
'Of what is global health the symptom: authorization, value and anticipation after Ebola' with Vinh-Kim Nguyen
08 Jun 2017
‘The impact of the transition to retirement on individuals’ emotions and well-being. Evidence from the Swiss context’ with Professor Boris Wernli
07 Jun 2017
'What drives migration outflows of foreign populations from Spain? Evidence from the Great Recession' with María Gutiérrez Portilla
06 Jun 2017
'Disruptive oil and electricity futures' with Amory Lovins
05 Jun 2017
'An age-old problem? Exploring Britain’s new wealth divides'
02 Jun 2017
'Why does structure matter for forest productivity?' With Dr Alexander Shenkin
01 Jun 2017
'The politics of uncertainty: security, risk & the state in the 21st Century' with Ian Goldin
01 Jun 2017
‘Constructing Age UK’s Index of Wellbeing in Later Life (“WILL”)’ with Professor Asghar Zaidi
31 May 2017
'Emerging topologies of transnational employment: ‘Posting’ Thai workers in Sweden’s wild berry industry beyond regulatory reach' with Linn Axelsson
25 May 2017
'The ecology of war: an evolutionary perspective on conflict over resources and prospects for peace' with Prof Dominic Johnson
25 May 2017
'Using MRI scans as measures of biological ageing – the Whitehall II (Stress and Health) MRI Substudy’ with Professor Klaus Ebmeier
22 May 2017
'Environment, conflict and peacebuilding: a personal journey of change within the United Nations' with David Jensen
18 May 2017
'Food security and conflict: narratives and interventions' with Prof Gunnar Sørbø
18 May 2017
‘Number of children, partnership status and later life depression in eastern and Western Europe’ with Professor Emily Grundy
17 May 2017
'Moral outrage in the digital age' with Prof Molly Crockett
11 May 2017
'Climate Violence?' with Prof Clionadh Raleigh
11 May 2017
‘Extended working lives, inequality and well-being: evidence from the UK’ with Dr Laurie Corna
08 May 2017
'The concept of time in biology, and the unity of life' with Prof Brian J. Enquist
04 May 2017
The nature of conflict
04 May 2017
'Rebel’s or farmer’s best friend? The Janus face of ‘blood diamonds’ and other conflict minerals' with Dr Anouk Rigterink
04 May 2017
'Subjective wellbeing and health at older ages: understanding the mechanisms' with Andrew Steptoe
03 May 2017
'Integration of Brits in Turkey and Turks in Britain' with Ibrahim Sirkeci
28 Apr 2017
'Droughts and woody plants: safety, efficiency and whole-plant economics' with Prof Maurizio Mencuccini
27 Apr 2017
'Brain ageing: using neuroimaging to understand risk for and resilience against dementia' with Professor Clare Mackay
20 Apr 2017
'The second wave of the second machine age' with Prof Erik Brynjolfsson
03 Apr 2017
'A circuit architecture for angular integration' with Gaby Maimon
31 Mar 2017
'Holocene climate change and the domestication of SW Amazonia', with Prof Frank Mayle
30 Mar 2017
'Hunger-driven motivational state competition' with Dr Michael Krashes
27 Mar 2017
'How population change will transform our world' with Prof Sarah Harper