"Sentimentality or speculation? Dream homes, crisis economies and diasporic transformations of urban space in Zimbabwe" by Dr JoAnn McGregor

Past Event

08 May 2013, 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Queen Elizabeth House
Oxford Department of International Development, 3 Mansfield Road, Oxford OX1 3TB

This seminar is hosted by the International Migration Institute, an Oxford Martin School Institute

Speaker: Dr JoAnn McGregor, Reader in Human Geography, Department of Geography, University College London

Summary: Zimbabwe’s crisis since 2000 has produced a dramatic global scattering of people. This seminar investigates this enforced dispersal, and the processes shaping the emergence of a new "diaspora" of Zimbabweans abroad, focusing on the most important concentrations in South Africa and in Britain. It will highlights the ways in which new movements are connected to older flows, and how displacements across physical borders are intimately linked to the reworking of conceptual borders in both sending and receiving states.

Sandwiches will be provided