Cybersecurity experts discuss capacity building and cyber harm

21 January 2016


The Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre (GCSCC) hosted its annual conference at the Oxford Martin School on 12 January 2016. Cybersecurity experts from around the world discussed international cooperation and a new model to measure the harm caused when cybersecurity is breached.

Keynote speaker Ms Heli Tiirmaa-Klaar of the EU External Action Service set the scene for the day, highlighting that cyber users worldwide will likely double to 5 billion over the next decade, and many of the threats to come are unknown. Professor Sadie Creese described the work being undertaken by the GCSCC in reviewing the cybersecurity capacity maturity of nations around the world, and creating a new model for assessing cyber harm as an invaluable tool for policy-makers in this field. The conference heard from those working in capacity building worldwide in policy, research and data gathering; from governments, international organisations, industry and academia.

More information and videos from the day will be available shortly on the new GCSCC cybersecurity capacity portal.

More information on the work of the GCSCC is available on the Centre website.