Cyber Centre contributes to global event on the future of the Internet

05 November 2015

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The Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre (GCSCC) is preparing to participate in the 10th Annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF) next week, the world’s major annual event on Internet governance issues.

The 4-day long UN conference in João Pessoa, Brazil on 10-13th November 2015 will bring together actors from governments, private sector and civil society in a unique multi-stakeholder policy dialogue. The major topics this year are cybersecurity and trust; the Internet economy; inclusiveness and diversity; openness; the Internet and human rights; and critical Internet resources.

The GCSCC will be co-hosting a workshop, “Understanding Effective Cybersecurity Capacity-Building” to discuss international co-operation in building cybersecurity capacity. It will also provide an overview of the Centre’s new Cyber Security Capability Maturity Model, and lessons learnt through its application. Other panellists will include representatives from the World Bank, Organization of American States and the private sector. A member of the GCSCC will also be speaking on the panel of the main conference session “Enhancing Cybersecurity and Building Digital Trust”.

The GCSCC sees its contribution to the IGF as an ideal opportunity to raise awareness for cyber capacity building and an urgent need to foster enhanced international co-operation to achieve a trustworthy cyber space. The issue of cybersecurity and trust has gained relevance in the global debate on the future of the Internet over the last year. This is reflected in the main session taking place on that topic and in an increased number of workshops on cybersecurity.

Although the Internet Governance Forum has no formal decision-making power, it is seen as a central forum to discuss crucial internet issues with all stakeholders and to shape the global debate on the future of cyber space. The IGF attracts up to 2,000 participants and a similar number is expected this year in Brazil.

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