Hertie School of Governance and Oxford Martin School co-host discussion of Now for the Long Term

22 January 2014

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Following successful events in Oxford, London, Washington DC and New York City, the findings of the Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations were presented in Berlin on Monday 20 January. The Hertie School of Governance hosted both Commission Chair Pascal Lamy and Commissioner Professor Roland Berger for a debate moderated by Professor Henrik Enderlein.

Addressing an audience comprising both senior German government officials and Hertie School academics and students, the lively discussion spanned a wide array of topics ranging from the universal- the importance of skilled leadership in times of crisis, and the capacity of policy makers to understand the current data available- to specific policy issues being debated in Germany today, such as the coalition government's reduction of the retirement age for certain workers, and the extent to which the European Commission should be doing more at a local level.

A globally-renowned policy institution, 2013 saw the Hertie School publish its first annual Governance Report. There is a strong mutual agenda between the Hertie Report and the Oxford Martin Commission’s aim of overcoming current stalemates in tackling global challenges, and its recommendations on governance outlined in Now for the Long Term, which has now been downloaded more than 725,000 times.

This was the first of several Commission events in early 2014, with presentations scheduled for Singapore, Geneva and Brussels in February.