Research insights for Advisory Council

10 June 2015

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Members of the Oxford Martin School’s Advisory Council met on 4 June for updates on a diverse range of research programmes and for strategic discussions on the future of the School as it approaches the tenth anniversary of its foundation.

They were warmly welcomed by the University of Oxford’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Andrew Hamilton, chairing his final Advisory Council meeting before taking up his new post as President of New York University later this year. They then received an update on developments over the past year from the School’s Director, Professor Ian Goldin.

Further key items for discussion were updates on the latest research funding round on the theme of ‘Global Commons, Collective Responsibilities and Market Failures’, led by the Chair of the Oxford Martin School Management Committee, Professor Roger Goodman; and the strategic direction of the School as it looks towards the next stage in its evolution.

Professor Sir John Beddington, the School's Senior Adviser, gave detailed feedback and recommendations from his interactions with its wide range of research programmes, and the Advisory Council engaged in discussions on proposed future research themes, which continued over a dinner hosted by the Vice-Chancellor.

Presentations from directors of programmes currently or recently funded by the School provided lively insights into the cutting-edge research being carried out across the university. Professor Susan Lea from the Oxford Martin Programme on Vaccines, Professor Vlatko Vedral from the Oxford Martin Programme on Bio-Inspired Quantum Technologies, Professor Liam Dolan from the Plants for the 21st Century Institute, and Professor Myles Allen from the Oxford Martin Programme on Resource Stewardship gave in-depth descriptions of their work, highlighted the difference that Oxford Martin School funding had made and explained the potential global impact of their research.

Discussion was also held on the second in the Oxford Martin Policy Paper series, ‘Robo-Wars: The Regulation of Robotic Weapons’ with Dr Alex Leveringhaus, James Martin Fellow with the Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict.