The implications of an ageing society

13 January 2010

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Population ageing is a global issue, with implications for all areas of society and for government policy across the world. In a special event hosted by the Saïd Business School three leading academics, including 21st Century School Institute Directors Sarah Harper and Julian Savulescu, will take part in a panel discussion on the wide-ranging implications of an ageing society.

Ageing is an issue of global relevance which will fundamentally affect all areas of life, from the workplace to the family, and this event will present three different viewpoints on the social, biological and ethical implications of an ageing society.

At this event, Prof Sarah Harper (Oxford Institute of Ageing) will outline the most important social consequences of population ageing and discuss potential policy implications; Dr Lynne Cox (Department of Biochemistry) will explain current research strategies which might eventually help us to slow the ageing process; and Prof Julian Savulescu (Programme on the Ethics of the New Biosciences) will finish the seminar with a call for a "war on ageing", arguing that mankind has a moral obligation to strive for a longer and better life.

The seminar will run from 6:00 - 7:30pm and will be followed by a drinks reception. The "Oxford at Said" lectures are aimed at a non-specialist audience and open to professionals, University staff and students. Attendance is free, although pre-registration is advised.

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