21School Briefing: Making the Most of Migration

04 November 2009

The second in our new series of briefings focuses on the 2009 Human Development Report, recently published by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). These briefings are a collection of online and printed products focused on increasing the impact of our research and improving public understanding of global issues.

The 2009 Human Development Report "Overcoming Barriers" calls for widespread reforms in migration policy with the aim of enhancing the development process. Migration is one of the key global challenges addressed by researchers at the 21st Century School, and the International Migration Institute (IMI) was involved closely in the project.

IMI members including Professor Stephen Castles, Dr Hein de Haas and Dr Oliver Bakewell contributed heavily to the report itself, compiling background papers and providing ongoing advice to the UNDP team. In addition, Dr de Haas participated in the "Overcoming Barriers" launch event, presenting the findings to a large audience of policy makers at the Hague.

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