21School Briefing: Understanding the Mind in Peace Negotiations

20 April 2010


Can neuroscience unlock the secrets of the brain and help resolve conflicts? A new 21School Briefing has been published following an event last month, which brought together a renowned neuroscientist with a peace negotiator to debate the role of the brain in conflict mediation.

Jeremy Lack, a partner with Etude Altenburger in Geneva and leading proponent of mediation and dispute resolution, met with Baroness Susan Greenfield, Professor of synaptic pharmacology and Director of the for the Future of the Mind, to talk about how neurobiology is beginning to generate new and astonishing insights into current conflict prevention and resolution systems.

Their conversation concludes that we may need to rethink current ways of negotiating. Neurobiology is already indicating that a better understanding of the brain could offer innovative techniques to those involved in conflict prevention and resolution.

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