Looking to space for solutions - programme launches new website

06 December 2010

If you have ever wondered how best to handle, search and model the vast quantities of data produced by enormous experiments, the new website for our Programme on Computational Cosmology is a good place to start searching for answers. The work carried out by this team is looking at ways of extending methods developed in astrophysics and cosmology to aid researchers in a diverse range of fields including oceanography, climate science and medicine.Their new website has been designed to offer better access to their latest research, news and events and to introduce the academics running the project.

Advances in detector technology, connectivity and computing provide an unprecedented wealth of information to researchers in other fields across the sciences. Yet, without new techniques to harness these developments, the promise afforded by this data will never be realised. This Programme aims to develop those techniques and therefore benefit numerous disciplines. The Programme is co-directed by Professor Pedro Ferreira and Dr Chris Lintott. Dr Joe Zuntz, a James Martin Fellow who is responsible for managing the new website, described their ambitions:

“This site will act as a one-stop-shop for information about our Programme, with links to affiliated projects and organisations around the University and externally. We will continue to develop it to make sure it is a useful resource for scientists and the general public alike.”

The Programme on Computational Cosmology is one of 19 new research projects developed as a result of the recent matched funding challenge, which raised $100 million to fund research into most serious dangers and opportunities facing us in the future.