Davos: Shared norms for the new reality

26 January 2011


The World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2011 gets underway Wednesday, and global leaders from industry, government and academia will meet to discuss how we might navigate the new reality of our increasingly complex world. Oxford University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Andrew Hamilton, and the Director of the Oxford Martin School, Dr Ian Goldin, are leading a delegation of Oxford academics who will participate in an ‘IdeasLab’, on the meeting’s theme of ‘Shared norms for the new reality’, focusing on the future of technology in society.

Capitalising on the interdisciplinary expertise of the members of Oxford Martin School, the academics will present their thoughts on how evolving technology will benefit their disciplines in the coming years, and also what new risks it presents. The five-minute IdeasLab presentations are designed to broadly inform and inspire international audiences from a variety of backgrounds, and this cross-sector engagement is an important part of the work of the Oxford Martin School.

The academics participating this year are:

Videos of these presentations will be available on our website after the conclusion of the conference.