Global Policy: new journal launches with article by 21School Director

04 February 2010

A new interdisciplinary journal called Global Policy has launched its first issue with an article by Dr Ian Goldin, co-written with research assistant Tiffany Vogel. Their paper, entitled, "Global Governance and Systemic Risk in the 21st Century", conceptualises systemic risk in the 21st century and examines the challenges it poses to global governance regimes. As they argue, the 2008-2009 financial crisis illustrates the failure of even sophisticated global institutions to manage the underlying forces of systemic risk, and this is symptomatic of institutional failure to keep pace with globalisation.

Global Policy is an innovative and interdisciplinary journal bringing together world class academics and leading practitioners to analyse both public and private solutions to global problems and issues. It focuses on understanding globally relevant risks and collective action problems; policy challenges that have global impact; and competing and converging discourses about global risks and policy responses. It also includes case studies of policy with clear lessons for other countries and regions; how policy responses, politics and institutions interrelate at the global level; and the conceptual, theoretical and methodological innovations needed to explain and develop policy in these areas. The first issue of Global Policy covers wide-ranging and key themes such as systemic risk and global governance, the transformation of the world economy and the protection of global commons. Other contributors to the first issue of Global Policy include Professor Ngaire Woods, Director of the Global Economic Governance Programme at Oxford, and Douglas Alexander, Secretary of State for International Development.

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