Leading thinkers gather to discuss financial reconstruction

13 April 2011

The School’s Director recently joined business leaders and government policy makers from around the world to help inspire and provoke new economic thinking. The conference was hosted by INET (Institute for New Economic Thinking), a founding partner of our new Institute for Economic Modelling (EMOD) which is led by Professor Sir David Hendry.

The event was an opportunity to bring together over 200 experts in economics and related fields to discuss global economic growth and development in the wake of the 2008 Financial Crisis. Dr Ian Goldin spoke alongside former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, international financier George Soros and Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz (a member of the School’s Advisory Council). He joined a panel of leading thinkers to discuss new insights into the study of dynamic economic systems and supply chains cascade across national boundaries.

As the aftershocks of the global financial crisis continue to reverberate, we continue to face great challenges of reconstruction. The globalization of production, trade, and especially finance, has transformed our economy, but has not yet transformed our system of regulation or our tools of policy intervention. EMOD investigates the difficulties that economic analyses, policy, empirical modelling and forecasting all confront when there are sudden, or very rapid, unanticipated changes, and will develop alternative approaches to improve on those currently extant. The Institute, which recently launched a new website to showcase its research, works closely with partners from across the world, including INET and the Central European University. This new institute was funded by donations from George Soros and the School’s founder, Dr James Martin as a result of the matched funding challenge.

The work being done by EMOD and their partners will help guide policy makers in the reconstruction and stabilizing of the global economy.