Libya: How to get humanitarian intervention right

01 April 2011

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The Oxford Martin School has published a new Insight Briefing on how to get humanitarian intervention in Libya right. Co-authored by Dr David Rodin from the Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict and Professor Mervyn Frost from King’s College London, the briefing analyses the unfolding events in Libya and describes what they can teach us about our Responsibility to Protect.

The Libyan crisis represents a moment of considerable danger, but also of great potential for the international community. The goal we are mandated to pursue is not to act as an air force for the rebel insurgency, about whose politics and broader intentions we know next to nothing. It is not to take down the Gaddafi regime or determine its successor. It is solely and exclusively to protect Libyan civilians from attack by armed forces. The question is: how do we get the intervention right?

For further details about their insights and recommendations read the full briefing.

The Oxford Martin School's Insight Briefings are a collection of online and printed products focused on increasing the impact of our research and improving public understanding of global issues.

Last month Dr David Rodin was selected as a Young Global Leader 2011 by the World Economic Forum. Rodin was chosen because of his exceptional professional achievements, proven leadership experience and willingness to serve society at a global level.