Nanoscience institute hosts young Dutch scholars

26 April 2010


Four top-achieving students from the Radboud University’s Honour Academy in the Netherlands were invited to spend a day with scientists from the James Martin 21st Century School’s Institute of Nanoscience for Medicine last month. The students are in their second year of study in the faculty of sciences at Radboud University, and working on a nanomedicine project.

In a day of meetings and presentations organised by James Martin Fellow Dr Sonia Trigueros, the students had the opportunity to explore the Institute’s laboratories, meet with various Oxford professors and visit the James Martin 21st Century School.

Radboud Honour Academy student Sebastian Franik said of his visit, “We experienced a fascinating and instructive day both for ourselves and our research project. By discussing the type of nanoparticles we have chosen and the mechanisms we wanted to use to deliver them to the tumor cells, we’ve made great progress in our project.”

Dr Sonia Trigueros said, "It was a great day for the students, and I'm looking forward to seeing how their careers develop and what kinds of collaboration we can help foster as they continue their research."

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