Particle Therapy: Educating the NHS

13 August 2009


As part of the ongoing effort to educate NHS professionals about the significant advantages that particle therapy can offer in the treatment of cancer, Professor Bleddyn Jones, recently published an in-depth article in Re:Source, the NHS Evidence newsletter. NHS Evidence is a resource for health professionals in specialties such as cancer, helping them keep up-to-date with the latest developments in their field.

Prof Jones, co-Director of the Particle Therapy Cancer Research Institute, explains that destroying cancer through "particle therapy" delivers a far lower radiation dose to healthy tissues, than conventional x-ray based radiotherapy, and can also be an alternative to radical cancer surgery. However, while there has been a rapid expansion in particle therapy facilities in most advanced countries, the UK has been slow to adopt this new technology.

The Particle Therapy Cancer Research Institute studies the clinical effectiveness of particle therapy, promoting its use in the UK on the basis of robust clinical evidence.

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