New initiative develops ageing policies for Singapore

17 September 2009

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The Oxford Institute of Ageing (OIA) has recently launched an innovative new collaboration with Singapore's Council for Third Age, an independent body promoting "active ageing". Modelled on the highly successful OIA Spring School, the Active Ageing Programme aims to assist Singapore's government to develop national policies on ageing, based on the latest expertise in the field.

This Programme represents the first undertaking in a three-year collaboration between the OIA and the Council of Third Age. The Active Ageing Programme will be an annual event, featuring feature keynote lectures and workshops by OIA academics, will attract participants from government, NGOs and community organizations as well as health professionals and academics.

Speaking at the launch ceremony on 14 September 2009, Mr Lim Boon Heng, Minister-in-Charge of ageing issues, called the partnership between a "much needed boost to the gerontological scene."

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