Helping policymakers look to the future

15 November 2010

The School’s Director, Dr Ian Goldin, has addressed an audience of politicians, business leaders and charities on the challenges facing public policy over the coming decade.

The event was hosted by the political think tank Policy Exchange, and was attended by more than a hundred people from the worlds of journalism, healthcare, finance, government and education. Dr Goldin’s talk, entitled ‘Public Policy Challenges in the Coming Decades’, explained why the issues facing policymakers today are so different from those faced 20 years ago and how the extraordinary speed of globalisation means their impact is far wider reaching. His presentation emphasised the need for governments to develop more evidence-based and transparent policymaking in order to address effectively the complex challenges of the 21st century. Dr Goldin not only outlined the scale of the problems ahead but also highlighted the opportunities arising from our vastly more interconnected world.

Last week Dr Goldin also spoke at the Royal Society of Arts, giving a lecture entitled ‘Africa 2050: Will Africa Claim the 21st Century?’ These presentations are part of a busy schedule of talks that Dr Goldin aims at broad audiences to develop deeper engagement with the research coming out of the Oxford Martin School.