Professor Sir Charles Godfray elected to the American Philosophical Society

22 June 2021

Charles Godfray
Professor Sir Charles Godfray, Oxford Martin School Director and Professor of Population Biology in the Department of Zoology, is one of seven international scholars to be elected to the American Philosophical Society in 2021.

The American Philosophical Society is the oldest learned society in the United States, founded in 1743, and honours extraordinary accomplishments in all fields. It is unusual among learned societies because its Membership is composed of scholars, scientists, and professionals from across the arts, humanities and sciences.

Professor Godfray is a population biologist who has worked in many areas of ecology, evolution and epidemiology. He has a particular interest in global food systems and in addition to his role as Director of the Oxford Martin School, he directs the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food.

“It is a real honour to join the current membership as well as a thrill to be part of a society founded by Benjamin Franklin.” said Professor Godfray.