Dr Goldin on 'safeguarding the future'

27 July 2009

As part of this year's TED Global conference, 21st Century School Director Dr Ian Goldin was invited to take part in a discussion on the BBC World Service programme "The Forum".

In a discussion with American astronomer Andrea Ghez and cyberspace authority Evgeny Morozov, Dr Goldin highlighted the importance of preparing for the future. He argued that, while it would never be possible to predict the future, a multi-disciplinary approach was needed in order to encourage new ways of thinking about the challenges of the 21st century.

Presented by Bridget Kendall, The Forum is a new BBC World discussion programme broadcast to a worldwide audience of around 40 million. Its aim is to bring the audience influential thinkers and experts in their fields to discuss and challenge big ideas.

The programme was broadcast from the TED Conference at Keble College following Dr Goldin’s presentation for TED University, entitled "Six things you need to know about 2030".

The programme was broadcast on Sunday 26 July, but you can listen to it again for a limited time on the BBC website.

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