Dr George Cusworth

Postdoctoral Researcher

George is a sociologist and human geographer, completing post-doctoral research on the 'Enabling Change' element of the of the Livestock, Environment and People (LEAP) project. His research is looking at the capacity and willingness of the agricultural industry to respond to the demand - consumer, political, social - for non-meat proteins for human consumption. The research focuses, in particular, on the willingness of farmers to include bean and pulse production in the management of their farm businesses, and the barriers (attitudinal, structural, economic) that may frustrate ongoing efforts to recalibrate food production to better service a range of public goods.

The work builds on George's doctoral research that looked into environmental attitudes and behaviours represented in the agricultural industry, and an analysis of the long-term behavioural and psychological impacts of participation in agri-environment schemes. Since completing his PhD, his work has included research looking into the motivations behind agricultural co-operation, and the development of land-use strategies to help local authorities meet carbon-neutrality targets. These themes - the attitudes represented in the agricultural industry, how it conceives of its sense of environmental responsibility, and the willingness to adopt new behaviours - are through-lines of his research.