Dr Jesus Lizana

Associate Professor

Jesus Lizana is Associate Professor in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford, with a unique experience profile in architecture and engineering. His research focuses on the cross-disciplinary challenges to support the transition towards zero carbon climate-responsive buildings.

At Oxford, Lizana is engaged in many research initiatives and has received several prestigious and extensive grants, including a Marie Curie Fellowship. He leads the research on Zero-Carbon Space Heating and Cooling at ZERO Institute and supports the interdisciplinary research in the Future of Cooling Programme of the Oxford Martin School. Alongside his academic career, Lizana also serves as a consultant on many building energy-related projects, data science, and sustainable cooling across various global locations, including the United Kingdom, India, Spain, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia.

Lizana received his PhD in low-carbon buildings at the University of Seville in Spain after completing a BSc in Architecture and an MSc in Building Engineering. Previously to his appointment at Oxford, he has lectured and conducted research at the University of Seville (Spain), the University of Edinburgh (Scotland), the Technical University of Munich (Germany), Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal), and the Spanish National Research Council (Spain).