Dr Juan Sabuco

Senior Research Associate

Juan obtained a BSc and MSc from Universidad Miguel Hernández and a Masters in Physics and Modelling of Complex Systems from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. He completed his PhD at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Theory, specializing in the development of a novel control method for chaotic systems known as Partial Control. Additionally, he worked as an Assistant Professor at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, primarily focusing on modeling complex systems.

He was actively involved in the Systemic Risk Modeling project at the Institute for New Economic Thinking in Oxford. This project demonstrated the advantages of diverse risk models in the market. He made significant contributions to the development of one of the most advanced agent-based models ever created for the catastrophe insurance market.

He played a key role in the HESTIA project at the Oxford Martin School. In this project, he contributed to the implementation of a cloud-based platform that enables researchers worldwide to share environmental impact assessments. The platform had a specific focus on supporting sustainable food production.

During his last postdoctoral position at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, he conducted asset-level research on the global beef supply chain, its environmental impact, and the role of indirect suppliers. He also led the development of the first farm asset-level dataset for the UK, allowing for the first-time estimation of environmental impacts at the farm level.