Dr Gabriel Davis Jones

Medical Doctor, Computer Scientist and Clinical Researcher

Dr Gabriel Davis Jones is a medically-trained computer scientist and software developer in the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences and Experimental Psychology. He specialises in developing technologies that apply artificial intelligence methodologies to novel biomedical and clinical big data problems in order to better understand health and disease in local-to-global scalable systems.

His most recent work has been in developing smart-device based machine learning models for the prediction of epileptic seizures as the lead computer scientist for the Epilepsy Pathway Innovation in Africa (EPInA) program and is also responsible for the software development of a suite of smart-device based cognitive testing tasks to enable remote neuropsychological testing of patients with automated scoring metrics.

His interests are in developing technologies for resource-poor settings that can significantly augment and assist traditional clinical pathways for better patient and healthcare system outcomes.