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Society for conservation biology

Incentivizing pangolin conservation: Decisions at CITES CoP19 may reduce conservation options for pangolins

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Evaluating the performance of conservation translocations in large carnivores across the world

Ecological society of america

Flagship individuals in biodiversity conservation


Identifying species likely threatened by international trade on the IUCN Red List can inform CITES trade measures

Cambridge university press

Trading species to extinction: evidence of extinction linked to the wildlife trade

British Ecological Society

Understanding China's political will for sustainability and conservation gains

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A review of the ecological and socioeconomic characteristics of trophy hunting across Asia

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Maximising the value of ranger-collected data for enhanced adaptive management of Zimbabwe's parks and wildlife estate


IPBES Sustainable Use of Wild Species Assessment - Chapter 5. Future scenarios of sustainable use of wild species

Cambridge university press

Three spatially separate records confirm the presence of and provide a range extension for the giant pangolin Smutsia gigantea in Kenya


Response: Commentary: Think Before You Act: Improving the Conservation Outcomes of CITES Listing Decisions

Society for conservation biology

Understanding why consumers in China switch between wild, farmed, and synthetic bear bile products


Evaluating the reliability of media reports for gathering information about illegal wildlife trade seizures

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Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on livelihoods and wild meat use in communities surrounding the Dja Faunal Reserve, South-East Cameroon

Society for conservation biology

Legal hunting for conservation of highly threatened species: The case of African rhinos