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Four ways blue foods can help achieve food system ambitions across nations

Hero workshop 7

HERO Workshop #7 Report: Mapping Ongoing Nature Restoration Activities In Oxfordshire

Omtec 2023

Product Market Monopolies and Labor Market Monopsonies

Oxford academic

The Iraq War 20 years on: towards a new regional architecture

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News Can Help! The Impact of News Media and Digital Platforms on Awareness of and Belief in Misinformation

Journal of Behaviour and Organization

Automation or globalization? The impacts of robots and Chinese imports on jobs in the United Kingdom

J5 RL Ro0g 400x400

An interpretable machine learning framework for measuring urban perceptions from panoramic street view images (SVIs)


Nature-positive goals for an organization’s food consumption

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A review of the ecological and socioeconomic characteristics of trophy hunting across Asia

Oxford academic

The political economy of digital profiteering: communication resource mobilization by anti-vaccination actors

Buildings and cities

Overcoming the incumbency and barriers to sustainable cooling

Future of cooling newsletter

Future of Cooling Newsletter: December 2022


Deep Learning and Single Cell Phenotyping for Rapid Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing


BP-lowering drugs reduced major CV events by similar amounts in patients with and without type 2 diabetes


Current trends suggest most Asian countries are unlikely to meet future biodiversity targets on protected areas