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Boydell Brewer

Democracy and Nigeria’s Fourth Republic


A molnupiravir-associated mutational signature in global SARS-CoV-2 genomes

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Unleashing AI: The AI Arms Race

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Convergent trends and spatiotemporal patterns of Aedes-borne arboviruses in Mexico and Central America


A novel fluoro-electrochemical technique for classifying diverse marine nanophytoplankton

AI Whitepaper Aug23

International Governance of Civilian AI: A Jurisdictional Certification Approach

ACS Publications

Chemical Recycling of Commercial Poly(l-lactic acid) to l-Lactide Using a High-Performance Sn(II)/Alcohol Catalyst System

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Drought-tolerant succulent plants as an alternative crop under future global warming scenarios in sub-Saharan Africa

Nature climatechange

Evaluating fossil fuel companies’ alignment with 1.5 °C climate pathways

New phytologist

Rethinking the potential productivity of crassulacean acid metabolism by integrating metabolic dynamics with shoot architecture, using the example of Agave tequilana

Mit press

Toward a Typology of Environmental Cooperation in Postconflict Settings: The Case of Jordan and Israel


Genomic assessment of invasion dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron BA.1

Nature climatechange

Systemic risks from climate-related disruptions at ports


Vegans, vegetarians, fish-eaters and meat-eaters in the UK show discrepant environmental impacts


Rapid Identification of Bacterial isolates Using Microfluidic Adaptive Channels and Multiplexed Fluorescence Microscopy