Triblock Polyester Thermoplastic Elastomers With Semi-Aromatic Polymer End Blocks By Ring-Opening Copolymerization

04 May 2020

Chemical Science

Georgina L. Gregory, Gregory S. Sulley, Leticia Peña Carrodeguas, Thomas T. D. Chen, Alba Santmarti, Nicholas J. Terrill, Koon-Yang Lee and Charlotte K. Williams

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Thermoplastic elastomers benefit from high elasticity and straightforward (re)processability; they are widely used across a multitude of sectors. Currently, the majority derive from oil, do not degrade or undergo chemical recycling. Here a new series of ABA triblock polyesters are synthesized and show high-performances as degradable thermoplastic elastomers; their composition is poly(cyclohexene-alt-phthalate)-b-poly(ε-decalactone)-b-poly(cyclohexene-alt-phthalate) {PE–PDL–PE}.