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Publications Mar 2012

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Human engineering and climate change


Anthropogenic climate change is arguably one of the biggest problems that confront us today. There is ample evidence that climate change is likely to affect adversely many aspects of life for all people around the world, and that existing solutions such as geoengineering might be too risky and ordinary behavioural and market solutions might not be sufficient to mitigate climate change. This paper considers a new kind of solution to climate change, what the authors call human engineering, which involves biomedical modifications of humans so that they can mitigate and/or adapt to climate change.


S. Matthew Liao, Anders Sandberg and Rebecca Roache Published By: Routledge Print ISSN: 2155-0085 | Online ISSN: 2155-0093


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Anders Sandberg
Rebecca Roache
S. Matthew Liao

Type: Journal Articles & Working Papers