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COP18: Tackling short-lived climate pollutants

19 Dec 12 in Videos
Tackling short lived climate pollutants, such as soot, methane and refrigerants, will help reduce global warming but will not bring climate benefits equivalent to reducing C02 emissions explains Jason Blackstock at COP 18 climate talks in Doha..

A solution to the misrepresentations of CO2 equivalent emissions of short lived climate pollutants

04 Jun 18 in Videos
A new approach allows the temperature forcing of CO2 and short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) to be examined under a common cumulative framework. While anthropogenic warming is largely determined by cumulative emissions of CO2, SLCPs—including soot, other aerosols and methane—also play a role. Quantifying their impact on global temperature is, however, distorted by existing methodologies using conventional Global Warming Potentials (GWP)...

Fast-Tracking Climate Action

24 Mar 16 in Press

Measuring progress towards the Paris Agreement: aligning policy and science in global stocktakes

06 Dec 17 in Videos
In this 90 minute video, Professor Myles Allen, Director of Oxford Martin Programme on Climate Pollutants, discusses how close we are to achieving 1.5⁰C - Monitoring progress to net zero and the long - term temperature goal in the context of the global stocktake. Professor Myles Allen begins his discussion at 17:41 and end at 27:20.