The Future of Plastics: How do we move to a new plastics economy? Webinar

14 May 2020

Portrait of Professor Charlotte Williams

with Professor Charlotte Williams
Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Charlotte Williams is a Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Oxford. Her research interests are in polymerization catalysis, polymer chemistry and nanoparticle synthesis. She investigates how to use renewable resources to make polym...

Portrait of Professor Cameron Hepburn

with Professor Cameron Hepburn
Battcock Professor of Environmental Economics

Cameron Hepburn is co-Director of the Economics of Sustainability Programme, based at the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School. He is the Battcock Professor of Environmental Economics at the Smith School of Enterprise and t...

Featuring leading professors from Oxford Martin School, Oxford’s Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment and experts from The Purpose Business, this webinar looks at the future of plastics and potential moves to a new plastics economy. The session explored the technical, economic and legal issues around a future plastics economy as well as the challenges and opportunities it offers. It particularly focused on restructuring the lifecycle of plastics to become more ‘circular’, in other words designing them for disassembly and re-use, thereby eliminating waste.