€1.75m grant for research into developmental drivers of migration

02 March 2015

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Professor Hein de Haas, Co-Director of the International Migration Institute (IMI), an Oxford Martin School institute, has been awarded a €1.75 million grant by the European Research Council to conduct a five-year research project entitled ‘Migration as Development’.

The project will consolidate his work on the five-year DEMIG (Determinants of International Migration) project, and will aim to develop new theoretical and empirical approaches for studying the developmental drivers of human mobility in the modern industrial-capitalist era (the 19th and 20th Centuries).

Professor de Haas will use mixed methods throughout the project. Besides quantitative tests of the developmental drivers of internal and international migration, mixed-methods case-studies involving fieldwork will study the evolution of complex mobility systems in six countries around the world representing different development-migration trajectories.