Public Debate on the Plundered Planet

08 June 2010


Over four hundred Oxford academics, students and members of the general public came to a James Martin School lecture and panel discussion on 7 June in the Sheldonian Theatre. The topic of the evening was on the theme of a new book by Professor Paul Collier, entitled, "The Plundered Planet: Why we must - and how we can - manage the world’s natural resources to ensure global prosperity".

Arguing for building a robust common ground between environmentalism and economics, Collier was succinct, passionate and clear in his vision for a world in which the poorest populations are enabled to lift themselves out of poverty in a sustainable way, that is, without gross mismanagement of natural assets that ends up plundering the planet.

Collier was joined on the stage by a panel of speakers who gave insightful commentary and useful criticism of various aspects of Collier's arguments. Lively discussion ensued among the audience and panel members following their initial comments. A blog with a fuller summary of the event is now available on our website. A video will be available online shortly.

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