Lightweight electric motor on track

13 May 2009


A new lightweight electric motor has been designed by Oxford University engineers, including Dr Malcolm McCulloch, Director of the 21st Century School's Institute for Carbon and Energy Reduction in Transport. The electric motor, originally developed for the Morgan Lifecar, is to power a new four-seat coupé.

Dr Malcolm McCulloch said: "The motor can achieve high torque for its weight, which ultimately means a smaller and cheaper motor. Torque is the twisting force that accelerates the car, and the peak torque we’re aiming for is 500Nm from 25kg."

"We’ve optimised the materials and design, so that the motor is lighter and more effective, giving half the volume and twice the torque for the same power output."

Dr McCulloch added: "The motor was developed for the Morgan Lifecar in 2008, and we now have funding to adapt it for high-performance electric vehicles, and we’re also looking at aerospace, renewable and industrial use."

"Over 50 per cent of the world’s electricity powers electric motors, so it’s extremely important to improve the efficiency of motors. This motor can be adapted to achieve better performance in a whole range of applications."

Engineering firm Delta Motorpsort are aiming to install the motor in their new coupé, with track tests scheduled for the end of 2009.

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