IMI launches new European collaboration

28 October 2009

The International Migration Institute (IMI) has launched a new collaborative research project called "Eumagine: Imagining Europe from the Outside." This project brings together a consortium of eight institutions across Europe and Africa, contributing to the IMI's growing international profile and providing new opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Eumagine will examine perceptions of democracy and human rights in four 'source' countries: Morocco, Turkey, Senegal and Ukraine. The aim is to discover what role these perceptions might play in the development of aspirations regarding international migration, and how they affect subsequent decisions with regard to migration.

Funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme, this three-year research programme will be undertaken by a consortium of European institutions, including the International Migration Institute. Under the leadership of Senior Researcher Dr Hein de Haas, the IMI will undertake fieldwork in Morocco and coordinate project-wide implementation of all subsequent survey and data analysis.

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