MBA students learn how to plan for a pandemic

09 September 2009


From 8-10 September, the Institute for Science, Innovation and Society is running a three-day course for Oxford University MBA students, focusing on the challenges involved in coping with a major disease pandemic. Each year, Oxford's MBA programme is rounded off with a "capstone" course, in which students apply all the tools and skills they have learned during their studies to a topical problem. Reflecting the Institute's wide range of expertise and interdisciplinary ethos, the topic for this year's course is to be: "Thinking and Strategising in the Face of Major Pandemic."

The 21st Century School supports all Institutes in their wide range of teaching and education initiatives and encourages its Fellows to share their expertise in order to bring unique, interdisciplinary approaches to traditional subject matter. Similar initiatives developed by our research Institutes include:

  • The annual Spring School, at the Oxford Institute of Ageing, which disseminates new methodologies and research findings, as well as providing networking opportunities.
  • "Nanotechnology in Medicine" a new course, run by James Martin Fellow Dr Sonia Trigueros, raising awareness of the ground-breaking advances being made in this dynamic field.
  • "Pathway Through the Maze" a two day course aimed at academics, healthcare professionals, regulators and journalists, with a focus on dispelling the myths surrounding stem cells.

Continuing this commitment to education and to cutting edge interdisciplinary scholarship, the 21st Century School is currently working with the Department for Continuing Education to develop an innovative, part-time MSc programme in 21st Century Challenges and Opportunities (working title). The programme will draw upon the wide-ranging research undertaken at the 21st Century School to deliver a unique programme considering interdisciplinary and intersecting global issues, complex themes and innovative approaches for dealing with them.

For further information about these initiatives (including the proposal for an MSc programme), please browse our Institute websites or contact the 21st Century School at:

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