Linking Neuroscience and Peace Negotiation

15 March 2010


Two of our Institutes recently collaborated to explore the neuroscience behind the headlines of conflict resolution. On Wednesday 10 March, the Institute for Ethics Law and Armed Conflict (ELAC) and the Institute for the Future of the Mind organised a special event to bring together a leading conflict mediator, Mr Jeremy Lack, with renowned neuroscientist, Prof Baroness Susan Greenfield, to take an innovative look at the role of the brain in mediation, and explore how individuals actually negotiate.

The event was made possible through an award from the James Martin 21st Century School’s “Collaboration Fund”, a small grants fund which was set up to enable our member Institutes and James Martin Fellows to seize opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborative activity or high impact initiatives that would not otherwise be able to happen.

The event on “Understanding the Mind in Peace Negotiations” prompted a feature article in the BBC News Magazine online where the role of emotions and the ability to empathise in conflict resolution and peace negotiations are explained more deeply. It is also available on podcast and is summarised on our Blog.

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