Dr Deborah Sandler

Chair of the Arava Institute Track II Environmental Forum

Dr Deborah Sandler works on the Oxford Martin Programme on Transboundary Resource Management and is Chair of the Arava Institute Track II Environmental Forum in the Jordan Basin.

The Track II Forum is an EU funded initiative aimed at resolving critical environmental issues through the implementation of cross-border projects between Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. Prior to this she was a member of the Oxford University law faculty from 1995, and a founding director of Pro Bono Publico, the award winning pro bono human rights unit in the Oxford law faculty. From 2006-2014, she was Director of the Oxford University Visiting Student Program at Wadham College.

Dr Sandler has consulted on a range of international projects such as the legal situation of AIDS orphans and widows in remote areas of Western Kenya. She was a director on the Oxford University Leadership Program for Chinese Officials, Senior Trustee for TravelAid, and a Governor on the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies. Dr Sandler has published on state compliance, human rights, and cross-border environmental issues, including the first joint Jordanian-Israeli study of the Red Sea: ‘The Gulf of Aqaba: A Regional Environmental Challenge’ (ELI Press), as well as the tripartite: ‘The Jordan River and Dead Sea Basin: Cooperation Amid Conflict (Springer Press). Dr Sandler was recently appointed to President Herzog’s National Climate Change Forum.

Dr Sandler has a BA from George Washington University, a JD from the University of California, and a DPhil (international law) from the University of Oxford. She is a citizen of Britain, Israel and the United States and a member of the California and Israeli bar associations. She resides in Tel Aviv, Israel.