Christopher Adam

Professor of Development Economics

Wale Adebanwi

Rhodes Professor of Race Relations

Myles Allen

Professor of Geosystem Science

Facundo Alvaredo

Senior Research Fellow

Dimitra Apostolopoulou

Lecturer, University of London

Janine Aron

Senior Research Fellow

Vijay Avinash

Postdoctoral Research Associate

José Roberto Ayala Solares

Machine Learning Scientist

Richard Bailey

Professor of Environmental Systems

Idalina Baptista

University Lecturer in Urban Anthropology

Jacob Barnes

Researcher in Low Carbon Heat Policy

Anastasios Bastounis

Systematic Reviewer

Ryan Bayliss

Senior Research Scientist

Eric Beinhocker

Professor of Public Policy Practice

Rob Bellamy

Presidential Fellow in Environment, University of Manchester

Diana Beltekian

Research Assistant

Colin Bennett

Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow

Vanessa Berenguer-Rico

Senior Research Fellow

Pam Berry

Senior Research Fellow

Louise Bezuidenhout

Oxford Martin Fellow

Sivapriya Bhagavathy

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Sonya Bhatt

Administrative and Finance Officer

Michael Bonsall

Professor of Mathematical Biology

Chas Bountra

Professor of Translational Medicine

Jo Boyden

Professor of International Development

J. Scott Brennen

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Peter Bruce

Wolfson Chair

Catherine Buckland

Oxford Martin Fellow

Michael Buhrmester

Postdoctoral Researcher

Erzsébet Bukodi

Associate Professor in Quantitative Social Policy

Jakob Bund

Michelle Cain

Science and Policy Research Associate

Ben Caldecott

Director, Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme and Associate Professor

Dexter Canoy

Clinical Epidemiologist

Jun Cao

Research Fellow in Energy, Keele University

Richard Caplan

Professor of International Relations

Ernesto Carella

Postdoctoral Research Officer

Stefano Caria

Assistant Professor, University of Bristol

Jennifer Castle

Senior Research Fellow

Laura Catsellis

Project Officer

Dan Challender

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Katrina Charles

Senior Research Fellow

Alexandre Chausson

Researcher, Department of Zoology

Chinchih Chen

Oxford Martin Fellow

Michael Clark

Postdoctoral Researcher

Nathan Clay

Postdoctoral Researcher in Geography

Linda Cobiac

Senior Researcher

Francois Cohen

Senior Research Officer