Christopher Adam

Professor of Development Economics

Wale Adebanwi

Rhodes Professor of Race Relations

Lisa Aissaoui

Ethnographic Research Assistant

Myles Allen

Professor of Geosystem Science

Sacha Altay

Oxford Martin Fellow

Sonzia Alves-Leon

Professor of Neurology

Monique Andersson

Clinical Infection Consultant

Maria Andraus

Adjunct Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine

Pia Andres


Valentina Antonaccio Guedes

Researcher, Oxford Martin Programme on Future of Development

Cameron Appel

Junior Data Analyst

John Armour

Professor of Law and Finance

Janine Aron

Senior Research Fellow

Mercy Atieno

Project Coordinator and Research Assistant - KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research Programme

Shaddad Attili

Nichola Austen

Postdoctoral Researcher

Kaya Axelsson

Policy Engagement Fellow at Oxford Net Zero

Richard Bailey

Professor of Environmental Systems

Pete Barbrook-Johnson

Senior Research Associate

Jacob Barnes

Researcher in Low Carbon Heat Policy

Samira Barzin


Hagan Bayley

Professor of Chemical Biology

Eric Beinhocker

Professor of Public Policy Practice

Diana Beltekian

Research Assistant

Vanessa Berenguer-Rico

Senior Research Fellow

Tim Berners-Lee

Professorial Research Fellow

Reuben Binns

Associate Professor

Michael Bonsall

Professor of Mathematical Biology

Heather Bouman

Lecturer in Marine Biogeochemistry

Jo Boyden

Professor of International Development

Jeremy Brice

Postdoctoral Researcher

Peter Bruce

Wolfson Chair

Kathleen Bryson

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Catherine Buckland

Oxford Martin Fellow

Eleanor Buckley

Communications Officer and Programme Manager

Erzsébet Bukodi

Professor of Sociology and Social Policy

Peter Burr

Programme Manager

Valentina Caldart

Researcher at World Fish

Ben Caldecott

Director, Oxford Sustainable Finance Group and the Lombard Odier Associate Professor of Sustainable Finance

Dexter Canoy

Clinical Epidemiologist

Richard Caplan

Professor of International Relations

Ernesto Carella

Postdoctoral Research Officer

Jennifer Castle

Senior Research Fellow

Dan Challender

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Elizabeth Champion

Administrative Assistant

Katrina Charles

Professor of Environmental Health risks

Stelios Chatzimichail

Postdoctoral Researcher

Alexandre Chausson

Researcher, Department of Zoology