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Central to the mission of the Oxford Martin School is the idea that our research should have an impact beyond academia. The School funds work of the highest intellectual quality, but our commitment does not end there; we work with policymakers, practitioners and business leaders to explore and address the most pressing challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

At the global level, Oxford Martin School academics work with international agencies, advise multinational businesses and are involved in policy formulation in many countries. They have helped develop alternatives to tackling climate change beyond the Kyoto Protocol; provided advice to the World Health Organization on understanding and combating dangerous global pandemics; and contributed to new rules to improve global financial stability. In the UK, Oxford Martin School academics regularly provide expert testimony to parliamentary hearings and advise the Prime Minister and cabinet members on strategic science and technology policy issues.

We link our academics with leading figures in politics and business, creating networks for exchange and advice. Particular activities include:-

  • The School’s timely and accessible policy papers, which translate and promote researchers’ recommendations to inform policy.
  • Working in partnership with Citi, the School produces reports on key global trends. These are freely available to all, and allow the School’s research to reach new audiences in the business world.
  • The School partners with a range of international organisations and think tanks to organise policy events and contribute to external policy publications.
  • The School supports visits from senior policymakers through its Visiting Fellows scheme.
  • It is vital that policymakers are able to access and understand complex scientific evidence, particularly in controversial areas. The School’s Restatements’ review the natural science evidence base underlying issues of current policy concern. 
  • A common thread in our diverse work is concern about increasing short-termism in politics and business. The School’s Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations convened 19 global leaders who  proposed 15 practical recommendations aimed at creating a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable world for future generations.