Land use: Policies for a Net Zero UK

06 February 2020

Committee on Climate Change
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Oxford Martin School research into methane emissions accounting features in the Committee on Climate Change's report on land use in the UK (on page 44).

Introducing the report, the committee say the UK’s net-zero target will not be met without changes in how we use our land, and that those changes must start now. The report continues: "The Committee’s previous work has shown it is possible to reduce land-based emissions of greenhouse gases while contributing to other strategic priorities for land such as food production, climate change adaptation and biodiversity.

"This report focuses on the policies to drive that change. Farmers and landowners will face many challenges over this transition, but the framework set out in this report can help to make it a fair one by creating new opportunities and revenue streams that reflect the benefits they bring to society.

"Current policy measures will not deliver the required ambition. Incentives for agricultural land use have not seen fundamental change for decades. Throughout the UK there is an urgent need for a new approach: the legislative opportunities for real change are available and should progress immediately."