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Citi GPS Biodiversity

Biodiversity: The Ecosystem at the Heart of Business

Nature header ed 400x400

Managing nitrogen to restore water quality in China


Oxford Martin Restatement 6: A restatement of the natural science evidence base on the effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals on wildlife

WEF Alternative Proteins

Alternative Proteins


Health-motivated taxes on red and processed meat: A modelling study on optimal tax levels and associated health impacts

201810 Springmann Nature

Options for keeping the food system within environmental limits


Nexus approaches to global sustainable development

Nature Sustainability

Global assessment of agricultural system redesign for sustainable intensification


Meat consumption, health, and the environment

Oxford Martin Restatement5 Radiation 1

Oxford Martin Restatement 5: A restatement of the natural science evidence base concerning the health effects of low-level ionizing radiation

201604 Nature Climate Change

Mitigation potential and global health impacts from emissions pricing of food commodities

Pnas 160412

Analysis and valuation of the health and climate change co-benefits of dietary change

Thelancet 160507

Global and regional health effects of future food production under climate change: a modelling study

Ho L report on GM Is Page 01

Science and Technology Select Committee Report on Genetically Modified Insects

160104 restatement03 neonics2015

Oxford Martin Restatement 3: A restatement of recent advances in the natural science evidence base concerning neonicotinoid insecticides and insect pollinators