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To share or not to share? The impact of mobile network sharing for consumers and operators

Evolutionary Economics

Levels of structural change: An analysis of China’s development push 1998-2014

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Automation or Globalization? The Impacts of Robots and Chinese Imports on Jobs in the United Kingdom

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Knowledge for a warmer world: a patent analysis of climate change adaptation technologies

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Why is Productivity slowing down?

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Automation and taxation: An empirical assessment in Europe

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Demand-pull and technology-push: What drives the direction of technological change? An empirical network-based approach

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Productivity Dispersion, Wage Dispersion and Superstar Firms

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Skill transferability and the stability of transition pathways- A learning-based explanation for patterns of diffusion

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Financial Informality among formal firms: Evidence from small businesses in Egypt

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Automation and Manufacturing Performance in a Developing Country

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Growth, development, and structural change at the firm- level: The example of the PR China

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The readiness of industry for a transformative recovery from COVID 19

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The economics of transition pathways: A proposed taxonomy and a policy experiment

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How to accelerate green technology diffusion? Directed technological change in the presence of coevolving absorptive capacity