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British Ecological Society

Understanding China's political will for sustainability and conservation gains

Society for conservation biology

Understanding why consumers in China switch between wild, farmed, and synthetic bear bile products

The converation 2

Big tech, regulators and conservationists must unite to tackle online wildlife trade

Cambridge university press

Uncovering prevalence of pangolin consumption using a technique for investigating sensitive behaviour

ZSL logo

Complex interactions between commercial and noncommercial drivers of illegal trade for a threatened felid

Soc Ar XIV logo

Implementing the Ballot Box Method to reduce social desirability bias when researching sensitive behaviours in conservation

Science direct logo

Characteristics of, and uncertainties about, illegal jaguar trade in Belize and Guatemala

Sage Journals logo

The Seven Forms of Challenges in the Wildlife Trade

British Ecological Society

Wild assumptions? Questioning simplistic narratives about consumer preferences for wildlife products

Frontiers in ecology and evolution

Horizon Scan of the Belt and Road Initiative

Conservation Letters

Emerging illegal wildlife trade issues: A global horizon scan

Nature Sustainability

Building sustainability into the Belt and Road Initiative’s Traditional Chinese Medicine trade

Conservation Biology

Quantifying the trade in wild-collected ornamental orchids in South China: Diversity, volume and value gradients underscore the primacy of supply

Illegal Wildlife Trade: Scale, Processes, and Governance

Nature header ed 400x400

Belt and Road Initiative may create new supplies for illegal wildlife trade in large carnivores