Policy Foresight Programme: Biodiversity: Science & Religion

02 November 2007

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A day-long seminar was held at the James Martin Institute for Science and Civilization on Biodiversity: Science and Religion on 2 November 2007. The seminar was designed to bring together scientists and religious leaders to promote better understanding in both communities of the vital importance of conserving biodiversity. It was clear from the day's events that religious leaders had put care for the environment firmly on their agendas and were asking their followers to make it a priority in their own lives. The seminar showed a solid shift towards creating a new language, new imagery and new thinking between science and religion. Overall, the day had brought a reassuring interaction between the two branches of wisdom. The Statement that the Programme release on 7 December 2007, "Science and Faith Unite on Biodiversity", has been signed by prominent scientists and religious leaders, people divided on many issues but united in their concern for the good health of the planet. The statement is available here