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Programmes Ageing Populations

Oxford Institute of Population Ageing
What are we doing?
We investigate demographic change and the impacts arising from population ageing across the globe. We make recommendations for how government, business and society can respond.
Why is it important?
Over the next fifty years, the old are expected to outnumber the young in nearly every country. We are seeing a fundamental shift in the demographic structure of society, which is historically unprecedented, and which will require significant changes to many of our institutions.
How are we different?
The Oxford Institute of Population Ageing links research into ageing, education, fertility, health and environment. We are committed to creating partnerships with government, business, NGOs to shape policy. We also develop summer schools and training opportunities for researchers and professionals.
Research Themes
Understanding Demographic Change: addresses how societies will adapt to the tremendous population changes ahead. It looks at the interaction of fertility, mortality and migration.
Demography and Economy: supports a wide range of research looking at the implications of demographic ageing for labour markets, retirement practices and pension provision.
Demography and Society: examines intergenerational family roles and relationships.
Biodemography and Health: looks at the policy implications of ageing populations for health and long-term care.
Demography, Science and Innovation: investigates the relationship between older people, ICT, citizenship and inclusion.

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