2010 - A year in numbers

21 December 2010


2010 has been an incredibly exciting year for the Oxford Martin School. Our recently published newsletter gives a broad overview of the kinds of events, achievements and research initiatives that have been developed across the School over the past few months. We presented many of our achievements on a world map to illustrate our global reach and influence.

As the year 2010 rolls to an end we thought it would also be interesting to review the past year in numbers. So, over the last year, we have:

  • had more than 75,000 visitors from over 171 countries viewing over 300,000 pages of our website;
  • sent out over 1,000 tweets and gained 950 new Twitter followers;
  • recruited 85 new academic research staff to membership of the School;
  • hosted 25 public events with an attendance of 1,500 people, whilst our institutes have hosted another 193 lectures, seminars and workshops;
  • written 29 blog entries, which have been viewed more than 20,000 times;
  • produced more than 80 unique news stories from across the School;
  • made available 49 podcasts of our events and seminars through our website and via iTunesU;
  • uploaded to our website 33 webcasts and more than 200 photos;
  • doubled our number of research institutes from 15 to 30;
  • and had our academics mentioned in hundreds of media outlets, including broadsheet newspapers (Guardian, New York Times, Independent, Times), business magazines (Economist, Business Voice), specialist publications (National Geographic, Computer Weekly), academic publications (Nature, New Scientist), as well as on the BBC, Bloomberg and other television networks.

In our continuing efforts to inform and engage the public about impacts and implications arising from our cutting-edge research, we look forward to writing more tweets, blogs and news stories; filming more lectures, seminars and interviews; and welcoming even more participants at some of our exciting upcoming events in 2011...

From all of us at the Oxford Martin School, best wishes for the holiday season and the coming new year!