Changing Global Orders

Changing Global Orders programme launches ‘Global Shocks’ podcast

The Oxford Martin School is proud to support the launch of the Oxford Martin Programme on Changing Global Orders’ new podcast miniseries, ‘Global Shocks’.

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Changing Global Orders programme partners with UNDP on policy workshop

Recently the Oxford Martin Programme on Changing Global Orders partnered with the UNDP Human Development Report Office to hold one of a series of policy-focused workshops focusing on how international institutions respond to turbulent times. The workshops form part of the series of global consultations that work towards the 2023 Human Development Report.

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UNDP and Oxford Martin Programme to host workshop on Adapting International Institutions

A new workshop aims to support the next generation of Human Development Research

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NGOs must rapidly evolve to stay relevant, say NGO leaders

Aid and development organisations are at a turning point and urgently need to change, according to an unprecedented survey of leaders of international NGOs (INGOs).

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‘Managing Future Shocks’ in focus for two new research programmes

The Oxford Martin School has launched two new solutions-focused programmes aiming to support greater resilience in global economic, social and environmental governance in the face of future shocks and crises of all types.