Future of Cooling

Switzerland, UK and Norway "dangerously unprepared" to keep people cool if global 1.5ºC target is missed

Researchers from the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Cooling have predicted the impact of rising temperatures on climate adaptation requirements for cooling on a country-by-country basis if climate targets are missed.

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Oxford Net Zero launches to tackle global carbon emissions

The Oxford Net Zero initiative draws on the university’s world-leading expertise in climate science and policy, addressing the critical issue of how to reach global ‘net zero’ – limiting greenhouse gases – in time to halt global warming.

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Cooling: hidden threat for climate change and the SDGs

Growing international demand for cooling is set to drive one of the most substantial increases in greenhouse gas emissions in history – but the risks and benefits of sustainable cooling remain a global blind spot, according to research.

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We still don’t know if warmer weather slows down the spread of COVID-19

The arrival of summer in the Northern Hemisphere has caused increased interest, from both the research community and the public at large, about the possibility that warmer weather might slow the spread of COVID-19.

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Cold chains can help mitigate the COVID-19 food crisis: key lessons from Uganda