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People Professor Catherine Redgwell

Co-Director, Oxford Martin Programme on Sustainable Oceans

Chichele Professor of Public International Law

Catherine’s research interests fall broadly within the public international field, including international energy law and international environmental law. She has recently published two major co-authored monographs on international environmental law: a second edition of Lyster’s International Wildlife Law (CUP, 2010) (with Michael Bowman and Peter Davies of Nottingham University) and the third edition of Birnie& Boyle’s International Law & the Environment (OUP, 2009) (with Professor Alan Boyle of the University of Edinburgh). Her energy research focuses on the international legal regulation of energy actors and activities, ranging from environmental impact to public participation and corporate accountability issues. Indeed, with climate change and the pressure to move beyond a strongly carbon-based economy, her research is increasingly at the confluence of international environmental and energy law.

Selected Publications